we offer a full bar (with lots of yummy italian cocktails and wines).  because we are here to showcase this, please save all outside food & beverage for your next house party!

On that note, we also make custom cakes for your birthday needs.  Call for details.


word of advice?  get the specials your server tells you about!

due to the nature our our cooking, please note we cannot ACCOMMODATE garlic ALLERGIES.

DINNER, 5:30PM-9PM, *Thursday, Friday & Saturday til 10PM


Chefs Selection of Cheese & Charcuterie   $27

Caponata Siciliana eggplant, celery, tomato, capers, olives, saffron, pignoli    $11

Melenzana alla Parmigiana batter fried eggplant, sugo pomodoro, grana     $12

Shrimp Fregola Sarda wild caught shrimp, toasted cows cows, mixed greens $17

Insalata Primaverile grilled asparagus, roasted beets, heirloom tomatoes, formaggio di capra al tartufo     $13

Mixed Green Salad  carrots, onion, grape tomato, balsamico, olive oil     $9

Friselle  finocchiona, anchovy, mozzarella, roasted pepper, celery, basil, red wine vinegar, olive oil     $15

**DELUXE; tuna, stracciatella    $21

Cauliflower & Rapini Crema  cauliflower, asiago, olive oil, crostini     $9

Polpette  beef & pork meatballs, mozzarella, sugo pomodoro     $13

Arancini of the day      $13


Giacomino  fennel sausage, castelvetrano, black truffle, stracciatella, mozzarella     $21

Raquel  whipped ricotta, roasted garlic, mozzarella, pepperoncino, basil     $17

Margherita  fior di latte, basil, tomato puree     $16

Stonato pepperoni, wild mushrooms, mozzarella, grana, tomato puree    $17

Luca Brasi  anchovy, cured olives, capers, oregano, tomato puree     $16

Donatella roasted garlic, mozzarella, grana, olive oil, overnight tomato     $16

Gianni prosciutto crudo, arugula, mozzarella, grana, balsamico     $19

Nipote   fennel sausage, wild mushrooms, mozzarella, giardiniera, tomato puree     $17

Fata Madrina   onion, capers, stracciatella, mozzarella, basil, tomato puree     $17

Smoky Pizza smoked burrata & ‘speck’ smoked prosciutto     $25


Bucatini Carbonara  bacon, yolk, pecorino     $17

Orecchiette spicy sausage, rapini, confit garlic & shallots, pecorino     $17

Linguine Vongole  littlenecks, overnight tomato, parsley puree     $17

Rigatoni  neckbone ragù, pecorino     $16

Gnocchi alla Romana semolina dumplings, amatriciana, pecorino $17

Gnocchi al Pesto Genovese potato gnocchi, pesto genovese, garlic confit, overnight tomato    $17


Butterscotch Budino sea salt     $7

Chocolate Tiramisu  savoiardi, mascarpone, zabaglione     $7

Millefoglie  puff pastry, vanilla cream, berries     $8

Seasonal Semifreddo    $13


now offering corporate lunch drop off!  for Catering inquires, please email rachel@pisolinochicago.com